Continued BULLYING!!! said I would never make it, or amount to anything. I was the dumb kid, the plain Jane. I settled for less, I believed them. I wouldn’t be more than a simple extestiance. Many laughed at me, called me names. I stood strong rose above, now the difference is we are no longer kid’s. Look at me now, I became everything they said I wouldn’t, plus more. Tell me I can’t I’m going to go for it even harder. Truth is I wasn’t the dumb kid , I was the smartest. I made y’all my motivation, I’m so full of love and appreciate everything all around and from above. Now you get to watch me be everything you wanted to be, but what can I say you made your bed now you can stay in your own world full of hate and misery. It’s not cool bring a bully or the cool kid now is it. I hope a bully thinks twice before trying to ruin another life. Don’t be a fool, being a bully is not kool!!!

By Elizabeth Smith.

Find out what I was doing wrong as a parent!!!!

What was I doing wrong as a parent? When it comes to bullying and seeing your child/children get bullied,or hurt. As a parent we get angry,sad,mad. Are first instinct as a parent is too protect our children. Stand up for our kids. To try and put a stop to them being bullied/ect. We try to teach our children what to do just incase they are bullied. We teach them if someone hits them to tell the teacher/adult. We tell our kid’s to tell them to defend there self, to tell an adult. What if us as parents/guardians, caregivers we teaching our kid’s wrong? What if we were making things worse for our kid’s. I’ve been doing alot of research,soul searching, studying,ect. I want to make a difference. I want to change this whole bullying thing. Not only for my daughter. But for the every child in this world who has been bullied or has to go through getting bullied. The truth is if something isn’t done now it’s going to take control. Young kids are already taking there life’s. It’s getting scary and I refuse to sit back and do nothing. Read on»»»»

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